Going on a Ghost Hunt

Recently reviewed this darling new children’s book by Dianne Moritz:

Going on a Ghost Hunt is an adorable, fun, and instructive book for small children. Vickie Kastl’s illustrations are clear and engaging, making the reading fun and easy to understand. A trio of dogs are off on a ghost hunt, and they must get through a cemetery and back home to be safe. Along the way, there are plenty of opportunities for learning, including rhymes (“bunchy, crunchy”) and onomatopoeia (“scrunch”). The text is short, allowing the child and/or parent to focus on word meanings and sounds easily with the help of the illustrations. In case you are wondering, the book is not scary at all. Plot spoiler: a ghost follows the doggies home from the cemetery, but it turns out to be just a trick-or-treater! Kids will surely fall in love with the dogs and find the story exciting. Meanwhile, parents will relish the opportunity to teach the little readers new words, sounds, and spellings. As a mother of a four and a five year old, I am in love with this charming and instructive story.

Get your copy!


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